Beginning this week, Samsung is unleashing the biggest marketing campaign in Samsung Mobile USA’s history for phone launch. The marketing spend is expected to be double or may be more than double of what Samsung had spend for launch of Galaxy-predecessors.

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Well, its not just a movie. It is actually about how passionate one is about what the person loves the most. What ways does the person take to express the passion, how to make the passion the  life, blood and heart of his stay on the multi coloured and multi faceted pastures of the semi-green land mass, the mother earth.

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The world’s most famous video site too could not keep away from luring the fairer sex, the women.

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“Live for Now”, the position statement would be the pivot around which Pepsi plans to revolute. With this brand campaign, Pepsi means consumer engagement using all platforms, TV, radio, cinema and outdoor advertising, experiential as well as digital and social media platforms. Thus, covering all forms of media.

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Hyundai Motor Company, largest automaker of South Korea, launched its new brand campaign “Live Brilliant”, aiming to be the most  beloved automaker of the world and not the largest.

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The Brand Spy-ing 4 U..!

Just as you have been to one stop place to buy all your daily needs, The Brand Spy (TBS) is the blog to stop on and have a glance at the news feeds on BRANDS, NEW BRANDS and what the brands try communicating to the consumers and how are they trying to keep the consumers looking out for them. Their  new initiatives, value proposition and how are the brands trying to make the world and the virtual world (WWW) a better place to live in.

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